The website is currently in PRE-LAUNCH phase!
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This means that the interactions between members (profile searches and views, favorites, messages...) are not accessible until the website is officially opened.

When will the official opening happen? It is scheduled for Jan 2, 2020.

Popularity contest not open yet
The first edition will open shortly after the official launch date, in order to let every one start on equal footing. Check out the popularity contest page to learn more.
Benefits for signing up during PRE-LAUNCH
If you are looking for generosity (sugar baby)
300 points added to your popularity rating
If you are willing to be generous (sugar daddy/momma)
1 month of premium membership granted starting on the official launch date
Bug reports
The website is technically in beta phase as well, so you might encounter a bug or two. If you do, please report them at the Help Desk. For every relevant bug report, the author will receive a little gift.
If you are looking for generosity (sugar baby)
50 points added to your popularity rating per relevant bug report
If you are willing to be generous (sugar daddy/momma)
1 day of premium membership per relevant bug report

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