The website is currently in PRE-LAUNCH phase!
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This means that the interactions between members (profile searches and views, favorites, messages...) are not accessible until the website is officially opened.

When will the official opening happen? It is scheduled for Nov 1, 2019.

Popularity contest not open yet
The first edition will open shortly after the official launch date, in order to let every one start on equal footing. Check out the popularity contest page to learn more.
Benefits for signing up during PRE-LAUNCH
If you are looking for generosity (sugar baby)
300 points added to your popularity rating
If you are willing to be generous (sugar daddy/momma)
1 month of premium membership granted starting on the official launch date
Bug reports
The website is technically in beta phase as well, so you might encounter a bug or two. If you do, please report them at the Help Desk. For every relevant bug report, the author will receive a little gift.
If you are looking for generosity (sugar baby)
50 points added to your popularity rating per relevant bug report
If you are willing to be generous (sugar daddy/momma)
1 day of premium membership per relevant bug report
Popularity contest jumbotron background

Popularity Contest

Get popular among sugar daddies and mommas and earn Amazon™ gift cards!

The popularity contest is not opened yet

It is scheduled to open shortly after the official launch date (11/1/19). We will announce the exact date in the social networks, so stay tuned!

For the three most popular sugar babies of the month, we offer Amazon™ gift cards. A gift card gives you a credit line at e-commerce website for its nominal amount and can be used to partially or fully purchase any article available. The prizes are rewarded as follows:

1st place
€1,000.00 gift card
2nd place
€500.00 gift card
3rd place
€250.00 gift card
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Amazon™ gift card


€500 gift card
2nd place

€1,000 gift card
1st place

€250 gift card
3rd place

The hereunder rules are applicable starting Sep 8, 2018 to all members, be it sugar babies or sugar daddies/mommas. They may be updated without prior notice at the sole discretion of DirectAffinity.

The popularity contest is only open to sugar babies i.e. members looking for generosity, either male or female.
The popularity contest is held on a monthly basis. It starts at midnight (00:00:00 UTC) on the first day of the month and runs until the end of the last day of the month (23:59:59 UTC).
The contest is based on the popularity of sugar babies. The popularity is calculated as the sum of the points that a sugar baby earns during the period of the contest. Below, you can find the list of all the actions that give you points, as a sugar baby:
Verification Tier
Tier A: 100 points, Tier B: 200 points, Tier C: 300 points
Accepted Photo
20 points per accepted photo
Accepted Video
200 points
Profile View
1 point each time your profile is viewed
Profile Favorite
3 points each time your profile is favorited
Message Received
10 points for each message received
Private Photos Authorization Granted
5 points each time a sugar daddy or momma grants you access to his/her private photos
Profile Blocked
-10 points each time a sugar daddy or momma blocks you (yes, you lose points when that happens!)
Actions like views, favorites... yield points only for the month within they occurred whereas accepted photos and video or verification tier provide points for all contests. Profile views and favorite points are awarded a single time for each sugar daddy or momma that visits or favorites the sugar baby.
Sugar babies are ranked according to their popularity points from higher to lower. The ten most popular profiles are displayed in the leaderboard. A sugar baby can see his/her own rating in the account page. The rating is strictly private and only appears publicly in the leaderboard if applicable.
At the end of the month, the three most popular profiles are declared winners of the contest. If, as a sugar baby, you are among them, our staff will contact you on your e-mail address and proceed to deliver the reward. Note that a sugar baby can only win the contest (i.e. finish in top three ranks) once. A former winner cannot compete in the subsequent contests.
The leaderboard and the ratings are exclusively established by DirectAffinity and shall not be questioned or contradicted. DirectAffinity reserves the right to exclude any member from the contest in case it suspects any form of fraud either in the information or material provided in the profile or in the general demeanor in the interactions with the website.