What is affiliation?

Affiliation consists in inviting another person to join DirectAffinity. This person must be willing to be a sugar daddy, that is to say, willing to sign up as a member who is Willing to be generous. Once this person signs up and subscribes to a premium membership, you are paid a percentage of the subscription sale.

A sugar baby can invite an unlimited number of sugar daddies to join and for each of them, get paid the appropriate referral fees.

Affiliation can only be offered by sugar babies, not sugar daddies, as they are meant to financially support sugar babies who are in the need.

From the point of view of a sugar daddy, affiliation represents a free way of supporting a sugar baby. It does not mean this sugar baby is only interested in referring new members, nor does it preclude the establishment of a genuine relationship.

Who can I invite to join DirectAffinity?

Given that you aim at attracting potential sugar daddies, you need to scout social apps or websites where they are likely to hang out. This includes other social networks, dating apps, luxury or adult websites, classified ads platforms... You can find more tips and ideas on the Finance page in the Earn more by advertising section.

How do I earn with affiliation?

For now, there exists only one way you can get paid with affiliation.

Premium Membership Referral

Each time a member who is willing to be generous and has signed up with DirectAffinity through your Referral link subscribes to a premium membership, you get paid 30% of the subscription fee.

What do I have to do to earn money with affiliation?

  1. Log into your DirectAffinity account, go to the Finance page and look for the Stripe Connection section.
  2. DirectAffinity partners with Stripe to allow you to receive payments on your bank account. As a consequence, you need to open an account with Stripe by clicking/tapping the Connect with Stripe button.
  3. Proceed with the registration with Stripe by providing the required information. Once you are done, you will be redirected to the DirectAffinity Finance page. Look out for any additional information or official document that might be needed to validate your Stripe account.
  4. In the meantime, you can start advertising your profile to potential sugar daddies. In order to do that, use your referral link, located in the Referral link section of the Finance page. You can copy and paste it in your communications with these potential sugar daddies. Alternatively, you may also send them an invitation by e-mail should you know their e-mail address.

    Even if you invite a sugar daddy while your Stripe account is not ready to receive payments, don't worry about it: payments work retro-actively. It means that as soon as your Stripe account is ready, you will be paid out all the fees you have collected up to that point in time.

  5. Each time a referred sugar daddy subscribes a premium membership, you receive a payment on your Stripe account which is paid out a few days later to your bank account.

That's it! Keep advertising your profile on as many platforms as you can to increase your revenue.