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What is DirectAffinity?

DirectAffinity is an online social network for adult men and women who are looking for a mutually beneficial endeavor.
This is about building a relationship that is not solely determined by feelings but also by your interests and needs of the moment. A flashy word for that would be hypergamy.
Conceived and built in the region of Paris (France) by a team of passionated singles, DirectAffinity provides a cutting-edge platform to power interactions between demanding and high-class customers. Our ultimate goal is to offer a truly different dating experience.
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What is hypergamy?

Hypergamy is the practice of a person dating a partner of higher social status.
In other terms, a successful man or woman, i.e. someone who succeeded in his career or managed to achieve a superior social status, engages in a relationship with another person who often enjoys an outstanding talent: a well-shaped body, an acute mind, a pleasant conversation, a dashing sense of adventure...
The term Sugar Baby is often used to describe such a talented individual whereas a successful partner is colloquially referred to as a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma.
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What are the benefits?

Hypergamy fosters straightforwardness and honesty between partners: do not be afraid of stating your expectations as it can only deter relationships based on misunderstandings.
Love relationships are the best way to widen up your horizons: let a successful and more experienced partner introduce you to a world of luxury, fine restaurants, trips and intellectual wealth.
What if you are a student struggling with the daily needs, a professional looking for a job in a specific sector or a simple individual seeking the path for a better life? A successful and more experienced partner in a relationship can help you progress towards your objectives.
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Ambitious soul looking for generous partner

Sugar Babies
Meet successful people (sugar daddies or mommas) who can pamper you with a luxury treatment.
Sugar Daddies or Mommas
Meet talented people (sugar babies) who know what they signed up for and are not here to waste your time.
Rediscover what courtesy means
A successful man or woman, a.k.a Sugar Daddy or Momma, has a courteous code of conduct: you can expect good manners and gentleness in a relationship with this rare individual.
Information is more important than money
Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. A successful man or woman can mentor a Sugar Baby to help her on her career path.
Gifts and luxury
A Sugar Daddy or Momma can spoil his or her Sugar Baby: you could enjoy more gifts and attention than you ever did in your dreams!
A talented partner at your arm
Sugar Babies are either physically or intellectually attractive since they are often students or young professionals. In either case, you will feel lucky to have her at your side.
Reliable and efficient
Sugar Babies do not sign up to fool around. They know what they want and will not waste your time.
Open relationships
A hypergamic relationship lets you define what can kind of interaction you wish exactly. No strings attached, codified meetings or even stronger commitments like marriage are possible.
3 Sugar Babies for 1 Sugar Daddy or Momma
This is the kind of ratio you can expect on DirectAffinity. Being successful comes with responsibilities but also great powers!

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Photos are good... but videos are better

Sugar Babies
DirectAffinity allows you to add videos to your profile: this is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition!
Sugar Daddies or Mommas
Don't picture your sugar baby from a bunch of photos: see her as she is in reality!
Get the attention you deserve
Videos bring a Sugar Baby a lot more attention than a simple set of photos. We live in the time of face cams and live streams, so don't be shy!
Become very competitive in the popularity contest
A video gives your profile a lot more popularity points than a photo. This translates into a massive advantage in the popularity contest that takes place each month (see below for further details).
Be the Sugar Baby of the month
Do you want to receive an outstanding exposure? Reach us and if you are eligible, we will feature a short version of your video on our YouTube channel.
Enjoy a livelier profile
Sugar Babies who upload videos have a more enjoyable and trustworthy profile. Sound and motion gives you a different perspective and an additional glimpse of the Sugar Baby's personality.
Check out our YouTube channel
We upload free samples of videos of sugar babies on a regular basis.
Access the full-length videos with a premium account
Only members who hold a premium account can access the full-length videos. This constitutes a legitimate perk for paying members and at the same time, Sugar Babies rest assured that their original videos are only accessed by serious Sugar Daddies or Mommas.
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Win a €275 Amazon™ gift card

Sugar Babies
Compete in our monthly popularity contest!
Sugar Daddies or Mommas
The contest is reserved to the sugar babies: a sugar daddy has everything he needs, hasn't he?
€275, €150 and €75 gift cards to win each month
At the end of each month, the most popular Sugar Babies of DirectAffinity are awarded €275, €150 and €75 Amazon™ gift cards respectively for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the contest.
Buy anything on Amazon.com
Amazon™ gift cards can buy anything you might possibly want.
Gain popularity points
The ranking in the contest is determined by the number of popularity points that each Sugar Baby accumulates by completing her profile and interacting with the other members.
Refer a friend and win even more
For each friend that a Sugar Baby refers to DirectAffinity, a sizable amount of popularity points is awarded to the Sugar Baby: spread the word!
Fairness and transparency
The leaderboard is publicly accessible at all times and updated regularly: no cheats!
Results announcements
The results are announced on the social networks. Follow us to get notified asap!

Learn how you can be more competitive to win the popularity contest.