If you are a member who is Willing to be generous, a.k.a. a sugar daddy or momma, you need to subscribe to special memberships in order to be able to enjoy all the opportunities provided by DirectAffinity. There are 3 types of available memberships: Premium, Exclusive Content (All) and Exclusive Content (Member).


Subscribing to a Premium membership grants you the following perks:

Exclusive Content (All)

Subscribing to an Exclusive Content (All) membership grants you the following perks:

Note that 100% of the membership fee goes to active sugar babies who have exclusive content on their profile. The fee is actually split among them according to their popularity level as it is explained here.

Exclusive Content (Member)

This membership is similar to the previous one except it only applies to a specific member of your choosing, hence the name Exclusive Content (Member) vs Exclusive Content (All). This means that you can simultaneously subscribe to multiple Exclusive Content (Member) memberships. For instance, one for sugar baby A, another one for sugar baby B... each of them essentially giving you access to the exclusive content of their respective member. The list of perks is detailed hereunder:

Note that 90% of the membership fee is paid out to the selected sugar baby.