What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy or momma, otherwise called an individual who is Willing to be generous at DirectAffinity, is a person in search of a partner to whom he/she may bring more than a standard relationship. These extra benefits can be financial but may also come in less expected forms. For example, many sugar babies are students or young professionals seeking their path in the job market. A sugar daddy or momma may provide its knowledge and network or contacts to a sugar baby and help her/him fulfill her/his dreams. Needless to say, sugar daddies or mommas are often successful individuals or at least, experienced ones. They are smart and treating their partner with respect is one of their golden rules.

What is not!

Being successful and/or experienced is not enough to make a sugar daddy or momma. Generosity and courtesy are at the heart of the concept of sugar daddies or mommas and successful people who do not abide by these cardinal values are not welcome on DirectAffinity.

A true sugar daddy or momma does not indulge in transactional relationships where every interaction with his/her partner has a price. Wealthy individuals can afford to decide whether or not they wish to engage in priced relationships but they waive that right whenever they act as sugar daddies or mommas.

Note that if you observe a sugar daddy or momma from DirectAffinity behaving inappropriately, we encourage to report him or her to our moderation staff using the in-app reporting tool.

What does DirectAffinity offer to sugar daddies that other websites don't?

DirectAffinity lets sugar babies add videos of themselves on their profiles which can only be accessed by sugar daddies or mommas. Unquestionably, videos are better than photos in order to decide whether or not a sugar baby is worth interacting with. They also help narrowing searches and confirming (or refuting) impressions born from static content alone. Additionally, sugar babies who do not possess videos on their profiles can be easily and freely requested to post some by any sugar daddy or momma.

Sugar daddies or mommas may also enjoy sugar babies' exclusive content on DirectAffinity. Exclusive Content refers to high-quality photos and videos of sugar babies which sugar daddies or mommas can purchase access to. The access fee is fairly low and constitutes, for a sugar daddy or momma, a nice way of supporting sugar babies. It helps them standing out from their fellow competitors and captivating the attention of sugar babies.

A comprehensive overview of the concept of exclusive content in DirectAffinity is laid out here.