What is exclusive content?

Exclusive Content are high-quality photos and videos posted by members who are Looking for generosity a.k.a. sugar babies. These sugar babies can sell access to that content to members who are Willing to be generous a.k.a. sugar daddies.

Exclusive Content can only be offered by sugar babies, not sugar daddies, as they are meant to financially support sugar babies who are in the need.

From the point of view of sugar daddies, exclusive content is a sweet way of finding out more about a sugar baby that they are interested in. The fee charged for accessing the exclusive content is rather symbolic and should be considered as a tip or a token of appreciation. Some of the sugar babies selling exclusive content may not be interested in physical relationships but this does not constitute a golden rule. At DirectAffinity, we consider that exclusive content enriches the profile of sugar babies. It has the potential to urge physical meetings and ultimately, fruitful relationships.

What kind of exclusive content can I add?

You can add any type of photo or video of yourself that does not contain violence or nudity.

Exclusive Content is an opportunity to show the other members what you look like in different settings (indoors vs outdoors) or situations (home vs vacation) or even illustrate a hobby, project or dream that you have at heart. Don't hesitate to be creative and make content that reflects the way you want the other members to see you.

Note that your photos and videos must be in high-quality and made exclusively for the purpose of being sold as exclusive content on DirectAffinity. It is a sign of respect to your subscribers.

How do I sell my exclusive content?

There exists two ways you can get paid for exclusive content.

Member Exclusive Content Membership

Members who are willing to be generous can access your exclusive content (photos and videos) for a monthly fee of €4.99. For each of those purchases, you are paid 90% of the subscription fee.

All Exclusive Content Membership

Members who are willing to be generous can also purchase a universal pass to access the exclusive content of any content creator (you for example if you do have exclusive content on your profile). The monthly fee of this subscription ranges between €18.00 and €29.99. 100% of the total fees collected for those kind of subscriptions are redistributed weekly to exclusive content creators. The exact share you perceive is determined by your popularity rank.

What do I have to do to earn money with exclusive content?

The exact steps depend on the payment services provider used to process the money. Click/tap on the one you are interested in.

  1. Log into your DirectAffinity account, go to the Earnings page and look for the DirectPay section.
  2. DirectPay is DirectAffinity's own crypto payment solution that allows you to receive Bitcoin payments. All you need to do is provide the Bitcoin address of your wallet in the input field and press the Register address button.
  3. In the meantime, you can start uploading your exclusive content in the Photos and Videos profile page where there are respectively dedicated Exclusive Photos and Exclusive Videos sections.
  4. As soon as your exclusive content is validated by the DirectAffinity staff, your exclusive content becomes accessible to sugar daddies in exchange of a monthly paying subscription.
  5. For each Exclusive Content membership subscribed, you earn a Bitcoin remuneration. Those remunerations are accrued and paid out in bulk every 7 on your receiving address.

That's it! Keep adding exclusive photos and videos to your profile in order to arouse interest in your exclusive content and remember that you can increase your revenue by advertising your DirectAffinity profile on other platforms. See the Earn more by advertising section in the Earnings page for more information.