General Questions

I cannot find the verification for my e-mail address: what should I do?

If you are unable to find the email in your inbox, be sure to inspect your junk mail (spam) folder. If it's not there, go to the Basic Information page and locate the E-mail field. Below, you will find a link allowing you to resend the verification email (if, however, you have not already verified your email address of course).

I cannot remember my password: what should I do?

Click the following link in order to send an e-mail containing instructions at the address you used for registration:
Send the reset e-mail

I came across an error message: what should I do?

If a problem occurs during an important operation or that you judge as such, we invite you to take a screenshot and to attach it in an explanatory message to Help Desk. Please note that for any error, our technical team is automatically notified and works to resolve the problem quickly.

Can I prevent another member from sending me messages?

You have the option of blocking a member: this effectively prevents him or her to send you messages, see your profile and hides him or her in your search results. To block a member, click the Options () of its profile: that displays a Block button that you can toggle on or off.

Can I report a member violation?

You have the option of reporting a member to the DirectAffinity staff. To report a member, click the Options () of its profile: that displays a Report button. Click that button to open a dialog box where you can state the violation. You need to mention the address of the profile page of the member as well as the type of offense you think he or she committed.

If you believe any of the members have committed an illegal act, please use an official reporting platform.


I have a profile with a financial status of type Looking for generosity (Sugar Baby). What do I have to do or pay to be able to fully enjoy the site?

Having a profile with a financial status of type Looking for generosity allows you to enjoy all the features of DirectAffinity for free. The only prerequisite is the exhaustive filling of the information forms in your profile as well as the addition of photos. In order to understand what information is required to unlock the functionality of the site, please see the Verification Tiers page. To determine the completion status of your profile, go to the Profile Status page.

I have a profile with a financial status of type Willing to be generous (Sugar Daddy). What do I have to do or pay to be able to fully enjoy the site?

Having a profile with a financial status of type Willing to be generous allows you to use the site for free if you complete your profile exhaustively, with the exception of communication functions and exclusive content for which a specific subscription is required. For more information on the features you can unlock, please see the Verification Tiers page as well as the Membership Offers page. To determine the completion status of your profile, go to the Profile Status page.

Are there any guidelines for completing my profile?

The requested information are pretty self-explanatory in general. However, here are some input that we do not allow:

  • Official Information (name, address...)
  • Requests for sex or sexually explicit text
  • Explicit financial request
  • Commercial ads
  • Links to any other websites

How long does it take for my profile to be validated by the moderation team?

Text validation only takes a few minutes. The validation of freely accessible photos is usually as fast but may take a little longer if a human inspection is required. For exclusive photos and videos, whatever their type, a visual inspection is always required and may take a few hours. In any case, the process cannot exceed 24 hours. If your information has still not been reviewed beyond this period, please contact the Help Desk.

I cannot access my account on the login page. The following error is displayed: The account associated with the e-mail address has been disabled and will be deleted in less than 24 hours. If you wish to cancel this operation and re-enable your account, please send an e-mail to the

Either your account was deactivated upon your request or it was suspended by our staff. The latter case occurs when we detect any suspicious activity of your account. Your profile as well as your photos and videos are saved, but you cannot use the site, and other members cannot view your profile. Generally accounts are suspended for one of the following reasons:

  • Reports by other members about your profile, conduct or language
  • Asking for money up front or in advance of your date
  • Promoting or advertising a business, a prostitution or an escort service
  • Soliciting passwords, bank information or other personal identifying information from other users for commercial or unlawful purposes or breaches of the Terms and conditions
  • Posting any false, misleading, or inaccurate content about yourself and/or your profile
  • Having multiple active accounts
  • Creating a profile if you are under the age of 18
  • Posting or sending illegal material

Why cannot I message others or read my messages?

If your financial status is Willing to be generous, to be able to read or send messages, you need to subscribe to a Premium membership. If your financial status is Looking for generosity, all you need is a fully completed and approved profile to start messaging and reading.

You can control the level of completion and verification of your profile on the Profile Status page.

Can I change my financial status from Willing to be generous to Looking for generosity or vice versa?

If you signed up with the wrong financial status, please contact the Help Desk and let us know which financial status you would like.

Photos and Videos

How do I set my main profile photo?

  1. To access your photos, click your thumbnail photo in the navigation bar (desktop) or side menu (mobile). Then click on the Add some photos button.
  2. Click on the desired photo and then, on the settings button (%settings%). A modal screen appears with a Set as main photo switch. Tick it on and then press Save.

How do I decide who has access to my photos and videos?

The right to access a video depends on its visibility:

  • Public: anyone can access it
  • Private: only members to whom you give the right can access it
  • Exclusive: only members who have subscribed to an exclusive content subscription can access it

The same goes for the visibility of videos:

  • Premium: only members who have subscribed to a Premium subscription can access it
  • Exclusive: only members who have subscribed to an exclusive content subscription can access it

How can I delete a photo or video?

  1. To access your photos (or videos), click on your profile thumbnail in the top navigation bar (wide screen) or in the side menu (reduced screen size) and click / press the %add_some_photos button% (or Add some videos).
  2. Click on the photo (or video) you want to delete then on the button. A confirmation window appears: click on OK to delete your photo (or video).

One of my photos or videos, yet consistent with the recommendations and genuine, was refused. How can I prove that it is mine?

Please contact the Help Desk with a scanned copy of one of your official ids. You may blur out all personal information, as we only need to see your official photo.

Another member is using one of my photos or videos on the site. What should I do ?

If you have discovered that someone is using any of your photos or videos on their profile, please request that that photo or video be removed by contacting the Help Desk. In your message, please mention the address of the profile page of this member and attach a copy (photo, color scan, ...) of one of your identity documents to allow us to identify.


I want to sell exclusive content or become an affiliate, but I am unable to create or validate my Stripe account. What can I do?

The creation and validation of the Stripe account is done in several steps. These are usually well explained on your Stripe account page and you must adhere to them by providing any information or documents requested. If despite all these precautions, a blockage or an error persists, please contact the Help Desk.

My DirectAffinity account and my Stripe account show that I have received payment for my exclusive content or affiliate activity. However, I haven't touched anything on my bank account yet. Why ?

Proceeds from exclusive content sales or affiliate activity may take several days to actually be paid into your bank account. However, if the delay exceeds one week, please contact the Help Desk.

My payment did not process. What should I do?

Should you encounter an error when trying to make a purchase, a rather explicit message should be displayed in order to inform you on the reason for this failure. If this is a reason you have a power on (card number, expiration date, cvv...), please correct your input and try again. If this is a reason you cannot control (network congestion, authentication issues...), wait for a few minutes and try again. If you are still unable to make a successful payment, please contact the Help Desk. You may also want to try a different credit card that allows international payments.

Do you offer refunds on memberships?

No, we do not offer refunds other than those provided for by law and which are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

My subscription will expire soon. Can I extend it?

Yes it's possible. Go to the DirectAffinity Shop and select the same type of subscription. Choose the subscription period that suits you and confirm your purchase. This duration will simply be added to the one you have left from your previous subscription.

Where can I find the payment receipt of my purchase on the website?

When you perform a successful payment, we send you a copy of the bill to your e-mail inbox. If you cannot find that message, please contact the Help Desk to have another one issued for you.

If I deactivate my account, will my premium membership time be placed on hold?

No. Premium membership plans expire exactly after their durations (1, 3, 6 months) from initial purchase date, regardless of your account status.

All plan purchases dates/times are reflected in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

I paid for a 3 or 6 month membership, but was charged more than I expected.

All 3 and 6 month memberships are billed up front at the time of the payment. This information is displayed on the payment page before you agree to the charge. The page will display the total amount of the charge as the "billed today". We do not provide full or partial refunds.

Safe Dating

Any advice for safe sating online?

  • Be careful when you choose to reveal your personal information such as your name, phone number, or address to another member
  • Avoid using photos you have posted on other social networks like Facebook on your DirectAffinity profile
  • Do not use the same username on all social networks as it may allow to identify you easily

Any advice for safe sating offline?

  • In this time of health uncertainties, it is up to you to decide under what conditions you want to meet someone. In all cases, be sure to inform yourself of the latest administrative provisions which may prohibit access to meeting places as well as restrict your freedom of movement.
  • Whenever you are going on a date with a person you have just met, let one of your relatives know about the date & place of your meeting
  • Never disclose your personal banking information to another member

Miscellaneous Warnings

  • Always proceed with caution and try to find out more about someone before you decide to meet them
  • Watch out for members who you suspect are under the age of 18 since dating a minor is illegal
  • Watch out for one-night standers: you should always learn more about your partner before considering a physical relationship
  • Watch out for con men/women: these people only care about the money and how they can abuse your generosity. They do not intend to engage in any kind of relationship with you except for talking you into giving them money.