What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby, otherwise called an individual who is Looking for generosity at DirectAffinity, is a person in search of a partner who would be able to offer a truly beneficial relationship. Like most of us, sugar babies do enjoy the finest things in life but they acknowledge that this privilege comes with a price. As a matter of fact, a true sugar baby is talented, either physically or intellectually, and has often worked hard to become so. She/He knows that her/his talent justifies that her/his partner provides more than a typical relationship. These extra benefits can be financial but also informational if the partner is able to teach or mentor its sugar baby.

What is not!

A sugar baby is neither an escort nor a professional occupation. She/He is not looking for transactional relationships where any meeting or activity is charged at an hourly rate. Instead, a relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy or momma is first and foremost a love relationship. This relationship comes with the benefit of the support of the sugar daddy or momma towards its sugar baby as a general commitment to her/his well-being.

A sugar baby is also not a gold-digger, in other words, an individual only interested in the wealth of a potential partner. She/He is attracted by the personality of wealthy and/or successful people and may enjoy the material perks provided by her/his partner as a byproduct of their relationship but not as her/his primary objective.

Lastly, a sugar baby is never rude nor vulgar. She/He understands that the classy and luxurious world she/he aspires to demands a certain etiquette. She/He is polite at all times with other members even when she/he does not have an interest in them.

Note that if you observe a sugar baby from DirectAffinity behaving inappropriately, we encourage you to report her/him to our moderation staff using the in-app reporting tool.

What does DirectAffinity offer to sugar babies that other websites don't?

On DirectAffinity, every sugar baby has the ability to upload videos of herself/himself which appear on its profile after validation. Videos are the best way to let sugar daddies or mommas know what you look like in real life. Combined with your photos, they also constitute an excellent verification mean to prove that your profile is genuine. All these aspects reinforce the interest that sugar daddies or mommas may develop towards a sugar baby.

DirectAffinity also allows sugar babies to add Exclusive Content to their profile. Exclusive Content refers to high-quality photos and videos of sugar babies which sugar daddies or mommas can purchase access to. The sales profits are redistributed to the eligible sugar babies. Exclusive Content may provide sugar babies with a small financial support which can be considered as a tip or small favor from the sugar daddies or mommas' point of view. In exchange of a symbolic fee, they have the opportunity to know sugar babies better through their unseen photos and videos.